First Fablemonger Review

Here’s the first review of Fablemonger at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. It’s from Australian Comedy Review.

Kent Valentine – Fablemonger
26 March 2010
Daniel Sheppard

Playing to a small but appreciative audience in the plush and frosty surrounds of Arthur’s Bar, Kent Valentine’s Fablemonger demonstrates an absolute mastery of long form storytelling comedy.

Kent welcomes the crowd with a couple of fast-paced observations, quickly relaxing the crowd and firmly planting a grin on each and every face before blending seamlessly into his prepared material. Telling tales of SatNav frustration, life in the UK and his newfound role as a father, Kent manages to turn seemingly mundane stories and fascinating tales of wonder and daring-do. Kent’s style has all the depth and ‘whimsy’ that one might want in a storytelling comic, but his fast paced delivery packs each and every tale with joke after joke and his clever and accessabile humour that leaves the audience laughing all the way.

There’s some moments of absolute brilliance that are sure to leave a lasting mark, including his fantastic childhood explanation of how gambling works. The highlight for me on the night (and obviously for Kent too) was a sudden interjection of outside noise that allowed him to break out into a fantasticly spontaneous improv rant that left the audience in stitches and almost threatened to derail Kent as well before he pulled seamlessly back into the show.

Try as I might, I can’t think of one bad thing to say about this show, nor of anybody to whom Kent would not appeal. I’m constantly asked ‘Who should I see at the festival?’, and normally that’s an incredibly hard question to answer without getting a good gauge on what other shows they’ve enjoyed. This show makes that easy – whoever you are, and whatever your tastes, you’re going to enjoy Kent Valentine.