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Deus Ex Human Revolution: Get this man a throat lozenge – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #8

Hey video-game makers, if you want us to listen to the 30+ hours of voice acting in your next game, how about a protagonist that doesn’t have a voice like broken glass?

LA Noire: Can Rockstar Play the Good Guys? – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #7

Rockstar have a history of making (financing) games where you get to be the villain, what are they going to be like when you get to be the hero?

iPad 2 – A Slice of the Future – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #2

I don’t have an iPad, so this video is made with a level of bravado that only the truly uninformed can muster.

Nintendo 3DS & The Dangers of Love – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #1

I’m making some weekly videos about video games for called PUNS ‘N’ AMMO. This is the first one & it’s about the Nintendo 3DS. It would be super rad if you watched this… and then told about a thousand people. More IGN Videos