Don’t wait, start now

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
– Chinese Proverb

Now can either be a new beginning, or a moment of regret sometime in the future – the difference is just some emotional labour and a willingness to get going.

We need to remember that how we feel now isn’t how we’ll feel forever and the choice we make in this moment, will fundamental change our experience in the moments to come.

We’re making a choice about the state of our brain chemistry in another time. We can choose dopamine now, or serotonin later.

We can snatch up the money in front of us on the table, or we can play the long game. But to play the long game, we have to commit to moving at least one of the pieces that are in front of us right now.

Getting back in the saddle

Old, worn bike saddle

We fall, all the time.

We fail at things we attempt and we miss the things we stretch for.

The sad thing is, not that we fail, but that we let that failure stop us from achieving what we’re pursuing.

Failure interrupts our momentum and momentum is what helps to make things easier.

If you’ve exercised on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then it’s easier to exercise on Thursday because of your momentum. If you spent Monday to Wednesday doing something else and then beating yourself up for not exercising, then exercising suddenly becomes a more difficult choice. It feels like the universe is pushing against you.

And it’s hard enough if you chose not to exercise Mon – Wed, but it’s worst if you feel like you had no choice; if circumstances made it impossible and you’re now the victim.

Now your momentum is shot and starting up feels hard. Now the momentum is with “not doing”, with inaction.

Well, in the kindest possible way – fuck momentum.

Start again and start now. Don’t wait for the conditions to be right. They’re never right.

Start small. There is new momentum in a single step.

Get back in the saddle.