Squirrel #6 – Stinger, Game Voices & Incomprehensible Russian Sci-Fi

In the long-awaited Episode 6 (which bears no resemblance to its preview), Jim & Kent talk about 1983 arcade flop Stinger, Jim’s favourite Japanese game voices & the problem with rollercoasters.

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Squirrel #6 – PREVIEW – Pret, Projects & Starcraft 2

Jim & I have been so caught up in the real world that we haven’t had time for any of our Squirrel on a Stick fantasy endeavours.

Not wanting you to have to go a full fortnight without us, here’s a little teaser for what will be coming up in the next episode.

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Squirrel #5 – Centaurs, Tough Games, Chun Li & Bad Kebabs

Kent makes bad assumptions, Jim throws up, Kent gets angry at sport and Jim complains that Red Dead Redemption is just too darn easy. Yee haw!

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Squirrel #3 – Lipomas, Dick Specialist & ISS Soccer

This issue we get medical and it’s not just the gloves that are coming off! Recorded in glorious mono, this episode recalls the ups and downs of the public health system and the importance of pants when playing ISS Soccer in the 90s.