The Daily Awesome – 21/01/2011

Happy Friday Awesome-kerteers, may your weekend be full of delightfully awesome ephemera.

May that awesomeness start here:

[poster] Prosthetic Hands in Film [1964-present] by (by Fro)

Guy asks for 1 million dollars | Guy gets 1 million dollars

[infographic] Because Every Country is the Best at Something (by Information is Beautiful)

Videos shot from cameras mounted on arrows (via LaughingSquid)

The Daily Awesome – 19/01/2011

Videos and infographics are the main hotbeds of radness this morning with a little post-golden globes Ricky Gervais on the side.

The Trashmaster – A Feature-length film created with footage from Grand Theft Auto 4 (by Mathieu Weschler)

[image] Ricky G on “the man” (by BaxterP)

Mr T is the “T” in I.T. (via @LaughingSquid)

[infographic] Who’s Using Twitter & How by FlowTown

[infographic] An Intimate Look at Infographics

[site] To My Husband

An introduction to physics with little maths (via UCBerkley)