Nintendo 3DS & The Dangers of Love – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #1

I’m making some weekly videos about video games for called PUNS ‘N’ AMMO. This is the first one & it’s about the Nintendo 3DS. It would be super rad if you watched this… and then told about a thousand people.

IGN Gamechanger – The Future of Entertainment

IGN UK is running a competition to find a new host and I’m in the shortlist of 6. To get there you had to make a 30 second video about your favourite videogame or movie; I like videogames and movies, so I made 19.

For the next section of the competition, the 6 shortlisted entrants have to make a 1 minute video about The Future of Entertainment. Here’s mine:

It’s industry judged, so I can’t ask you for votes, but I’d love it if you watched the video, and if you like it, please “like” it.