The Daily Awesome 11/01/2011

Today was awesome. Don’t believe me? Just look at these:

What really happened to Endor when they ganked the Death Star (via BoingBoing)

[web comic] AXE COP – 5 year old kid conceives & writes comic, father illustrates. Gold. (via @TomKelshaw)

[article] America one step closer to realising life is not a film (via

[science] Read this then unfocus your eyes at one of these swatches to peep your own white blood cell (via @GeorgeLazenby)

Dropped Video Cameras (via

Nazis are Dicks

The thing that I like about Neo-Nazis, becuase it’s important to have something, is that if you ever forget just what a bunch of dicks they are, they’ll be gracious enough to remind you. No other group of angry, shorn, racists will be so diligent in reminding you of their failings, which is one thing I’m grateful.

Most recently of course, two young Neo-Nazis were arrested in the United States for conspiracy to commit acts which included stealing firearms, shooting dead 88 African American students, beheading another 14 students and then assassinating Barack Obama – all the while, wearing white tuxedos and top hats. As I said, what a bunch of dicks. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing worse than being shot by a fascist with a single-digit IQ, is being shot by a fascist with a single-digit IQ wearing a white tuxedo. Roger Moore was the only person who looked good in a white tux, and even he was a bit of a dick.

Most astounding to me, was the specificity of the numbers involved: 88 and 14, and it was only after I read into the story a little more that I realised how frightening these guys were. The number 88 is auspicious to white supremacy as it references a white power manifesto called The 88 Precepts, a long list of rules kind of like the Ten Commandments, but for Nazis. It’s basically 88 reasons why Nazis are, you guessed it, dicks.

The list includes all of the basic extreme right-wing rhetoric that you’d expect from a Nazi manifesto, like: gays and blacks are bad, whites are good; but it also broadens the net of hated people to include “those of one’s own race who commit treason against one’s own kind and against the nations of one’s own kind.” That is, you should specifically hate those who are “diluting the white race” by interbreeding. Interbreeding = racial treason. Now I didn’t realise that I was an enemy of the white state, but I have a Jewish girlfriend, so I guess that makes me a race traitor. I mean, technically we haven’t interbred yet, but that’s only because she’s too busy controlling the media.

The final straw for me was the hypocrisy of the entire philosophy. Several of the precepts directly contradict each other (I’ll let you read those nuggets of joy yourselves) and even the actions of the two men seems to require a masters degree in doublethink. Both men stated that they believe that they would probably die as a result of their actions and that they were prepared to do so. But if you’re planning to kill a bunch of innocent people and then die yourself, why not just cut out the middleman? For a group of people so proud of their Aryan heritage, they seem very slow to adopt German efficiency.