Squirrel on a Stick

I record a quasi-regular podcast with fellow comedian Jim Smallman. It’s meant to be about video games, but we’re easily distracted, so it’s often just a bit of nonsense about whatever takes our fancy. It is however, pretty damn funny.

If you’ve got iTunes, then you can suscribe to the podcast via the Squirrel on a Stick iTunes page.

For those of you who kick it old-school, here is the archive of the episodes released to date:
Squirrel on a Stick - Episode 8Episode 8 – 27th January 2011 – Top games, chilli biscuits, arse PEZ & the corporate dick!

Episode 7 – 16th December 2010 – Feist, The Sims, Choking the Wookie, Wikipedia & Weddings!

Episode 6 – 24th August 2010 – Roller coasters, Japanese voices, the nemesis gig & STINGER!!

Episode 6 – PREVIEW – 3rd August 2010 – Projects, Pret, Trocadero & Starcraft 2

Episode 5 – 20th July 2010 – Centaurs, tough games, Chun-Li, Princess Leia, Football Manager, Pepsi Max, Mr Methane & more!

Episode 4 – 12th July 2010 – Red Dead Cougars, Barracudas, Lice, Taunts & Ol’ Moaty

Episode 3 – 6th July 2010 – Lipomas, ISS Soccer & Dick Specialist

Episode 2 – 3rd July 2010 – Salted Fudge, Assassins Creed, Nazi Zombies & Sexy Aliens

Episode 1 – Dec 2009 – Modern Warfare, Pucman & The Mario Brothers’ Penises

2 thoughts on “Squirrel on a Stick”

  1. 2nd podcast is great, but the link to the first one is broken.

    Just a quick crit: the volume on the sound effect that plays between bits of conversation is a little loud compared to the level of your voices, otherwise all good.

  2. I agree. The sound quality is shit, the levels are shot and the whole thing seems to be in glorious mono. Not only that, but the itunes feed seems to have ditched the name of the podcast and taken the name of the website instead. What a pain in the arse.

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