Puns ‘n’ Ammo

Puns ‘n’ Ammo is a weekly video about video games that I make for IGN.com. Each week I pull apart an issue at the heart of gaming and rummage around in its guts looking for laughs. Sometimes I find some.

Here are all the Puns ‘n’ Ammo videos to date:

#7 – LA Noire: Can Rockstar Play the Good Guys?

#6 – Sony PSN Outage: Why I kinda feel sorry for Sony

#5 – Call of Duty: Black Ops & the Problem with Zombies

#4 – Mortal Kombat & Why Games Won’t Make You Murder Anyone

#3 – Portal 2 – Have Your Cake & Eat it Too

#2 – iPad 2 – The Future That Never Arrived

#1 – Nintendo 3DS – The Dangers of Falling For 3D