Call of Duty: Black Ops – Where Did All These Freaking Zombies Come From? – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #5

Why the hell are there truck-loads of zombies appearing in our non-zombie games? I ask the tough questions (and take a shotgun along for good measure).

Mortal Kombat & Why You (Probably) Won’t Murder Anyone – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #4

Old people would have you think that violent video games will make you murder your Grandmother, pimp out your sister and cheat at Scrabble. Here are 2 mins of quasi-reasonable arguments as to why that’s a crock of shit.

Nintendo 3DS & The Dangers of Love – Puns ‘n’ Ammo #1

I’m making some weekly videos about video games for called PUNS ‘N’ AMMO. This is the first one & it’s about the Nintendo 3DS. It would be super rad if you watched this… and then told about a thousand people.