Squirrel #4 – Red Dead Cougars, Barracudas, Lice, Taunts & Ol' Moaty

Jim gets eaten by a cougar, Kent gets barracuda’d by an alien, Raoul Moat gets it from himself, Jim gets lice from IKEA, Kent gets nothing from Ayn Rand & Gazza gets to eat the chicken.

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Squirrel #3 – Lipomas, Dick Specialist & ISS Soccer

This issue we get medical and it’s not just the gloves that are coming off! Recorded in glorious mono, this episode recalls the ups and downs of the public health system and the importance of pants when playing ISS Soccer in the 90s.

Squirrel #2 – Nazi zombies, Assassin's Creed & Sexy Aliens

Recorded in glorious mono, this second instalment of Squirrel on a Stick covers such hard hitting topics as Nazi zombies, Assassin’s Creed & Sexy Aliens.

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Squirrel #1

Modern Warfare 2, Super Mario Penises and many more things that probably shouldn’t be broached by two men in their 30s.

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