Squirrel on a Stick Episode 12 Now Online

Episode 12 of my non-award-winning video games podcast with fellow comedian Jim Smallman is now online.

After a long and inexcusable hiatus we return to talk to you about the morality of Transformers, Skyrim, FIFA 12 and 80s cartoon theme tunes.

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Squirrel #8 – Top games, chilli biscuits, arse PEZ & the corporate dick

At least 8 weeks after everyone else has done their “best of 2010” shows, Jim & Kent turn up to the party fashionably late with a list, a microphone and an hour.

If you like us, half as much as we love you, then you’ll probably have a lovely time listening to the show.

Rock on!

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Squirrel #7 – Feist, Wikipedia, The Sims, Choking the Wookie & Fable

Kent Valentine (married) and Jim Smallman (divorced) discuss Feist, fictional wrestling finishing moves, a The Sims, getting married in games and casual murder.

To be honest, this podcast doesn’t do a very good job of explaining the 4 month gap between this episode and the last, but I’ve been very busy and it’s been sitting on my hardrive for 3 months waiting to be edited. Sorry about that.

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Squirrel #6 – Stinger, Game Voices & Incomprehensible Russian Sci-Fi

In the long-awaited Episode 6 (which bears no resemblance to its preview), Jim & Kent talk about 1983 arcade flop Stinger, Jim’s favourite Japanese game voices & the problem with rollercoasters.

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Squirrel #5 – Centaurs, Tough Games, Chun Li & Bad Kebabs

Kent makes bad assumptions, Jim throws up, Kent gets angry at sport and Jim complains that Red Dead Redemption is just too darn easy. Yee haw!

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