Squirrel on a Stick Episode 12 Now Online

Episode 12 of my non-award-winning video games podcast with fellow comedian Jim Smallman is now online.

After a long and inexcusable hiatus we return to talk to you about the morality of Transformers, Skyrim, FIFA 12 and 80s cartoon theme tunes.

Listen via the Squirrel on a Stick website or subscribe via iTunes.

Glitter & Doom – Gig & Podcast

If you’re in or around the ancient city of Londinium, you might like to know that I co-run an excellent monthly gig there called Glitter & Doom. It’s an experimental night where comedians perform their jokes and stories to a live musical score, written and performed by Sam Astley & Charlie Pyne.

The next gig is tomorrow night (Wednesday 2nd February) and features the awesome Nick Sun, the surreal Gerry Howell and the wonderful Julia Clark. If you’re free, you should come along. Here are the details:
Wednesday 2nd Feb, 8pm
@ Betsey Trotwood,
56 Farringdon Road,
London EC1R 3BL

Tickets are £5 via WeGotTickets.

If you’re not in London, then coming along to the night would be a massive pain in the arse, so lucky-for-you our good friend Steve Cross (who runs the excellent Bright Club), records the gigs so that we can turn them into podcasts.

The Glitter & Doom Podcast is a wonderful hour spent in the company of excellent friends and is available as a free download via our podcast page or iTunes.

Squirrel #8 – Top games, chilli biscuits, arse PEZ & the corporate dick

At least 8 weeks after everyone else has done their “best of 2010” shows, Jim & Kent turn up to the party fashionably late with a list, a microphone and an hour.

If you like us, half as much as we love you, then you’ll probably have a lovely time listening to the show.

Rock on!

Download Episode 8

Glitter & Doom Podcast #4

Despite not having a podcast #3 (the audio went tits-up), we’ve somehow managed to cobble together the podcast for Glitter & Doom #4, which just happened to be our Christmas Special.

Recorded in the midst of a snowy-ridden, tube-strike-afflicted London with a hearty bunch of excellent individuals, this recording features Simon Munnery, Naz Osmanoglu, Julia Clark & myself all on jokes; Sam Astley on guitar & Charlie Pyne on double bass.

You can either download the audio file or subscribe via iTunes.

The Napalm Story @ Glitter & Doom – 3rd Nov 2010

Glitter & Doom is an experimental comedy night that I run where comedians perform to a live musical score created by Sam Astley & Charlie Pyne. Glitter & Doom runs the first Wednesday of every month @ The Betsey Trotwood in London. Details and more videos at http://theglitteranddoom.wordpress.com