Say want you want

We are empathetic animals, but much of our evolutionary programming is self centred.

We spend so much our of time with our head up our own arses that we often don’t intuit even the basics about the wants and needs of the people around us.

Relax, I’m not having a go at you, it’s just how we’re built.

Conversely, we can’t expect everyone else to undestand our wants and needs because they’re focussed on themselves.

This means that we must be direct and clear when communicating what we want with other people if we want to achieve our goals.

This way, they won’t have to spend their time and effort trying to guess what we want. It will then allow them to better able to make decisions about whether and how they can help us.

It doesn’t always feel natural to be this direct, but getting better at it will pay dividends in the long term.

Despite our networks and social connection, being a human can still be an isolating experience. Clear communication about what we want is a positive step towards establishing true connection with those around us.

Of course the best way to establish connection given the above is to be generous and take the time to understand those around us without thought for our own reward or gain.

As usual, the best outcome costs a little more that our time and attention, yet sometimes we need a little nudge to even remember that it’s on the table as an option.