The grind and the chorus


We complain about the grind – the inevitable and relentless repetition of tasks and scenarios.

It’s understandable.

There are things that need to be done, and they can come around pretty regularly.

Washing, yawn.

Tax, zzzzzzzz.

But here’s the thing: we love a chorus, and it’s essentially the same as the grind.

The difference between the grind and the chorus is largely the attitude we bring to it.

With the chorus there is anticipation of the repetition and then a rejoicing of the patterns we know so well.

But this joy is fragile, and we can kill our enjoyment of the chorus. All it takes is that we apply to it the close minded attitude of the grind.

But the reverse is also true. We can kill the drudgery of the grind by applying the anticipation and celebration of the chorus.

You either choose to turn the chorus into the grind or the grind into the chorus.

The point is, it’s an active choice. So choose wisely.