How valuable is your work, to you?


I’d ideally write this whilst sitting in a house, high on a cliff, by an open window, overlooking the ocean.

I’d ideally write this on a manual typewriter (with a colemak keyboard) and then scan it in so that I can pipe it out to the digital world.

I’d ideally write this after a 6 mile run, uninterrupted by family, phone or any other unsolicited demand on my attention.

I’d ideally have a cup of good coffee on one side of the typewriter and a bowl of almonds on the other. A pair of supportive shoes on my feet and some noise-cancelling headphones on my ears.

If I wrote under these conditions, I’m confident that I could do my best work.

Unfortunately – the conditions have never been just right.

But this is my work, so I still need to write.

The conditions will never be just right for you either, but you still have to do your work.

Not your job, your work. Whatever it is that you have to do.

Because the value of you doing your work – whatever that work is – is greater than the value of you not doing it.

The value of you working, even in a sub-optimal environment is much greater than the value of you not working until the conditions are right.

Sometimes the conditions will be approach ideal, and on those days maybe it will be more fun. Maybe you’ll be more productive. Maybe you’ll have more success.

But don’t make success contingent on ideal conditions.

Conditions are variable, fickle, little buggers.

The only constant you can count on is you doing your work.

Today it’s dark, I haven’t run and the coffee is non-existent but I’m still writing.

Because some value is better than no value.