The best use of your time


Simon and Garfunkel said it best (although I prefer The Bangles’ version):

Time time time, see what’s become of me.

We are a product of what we choose to do with our time.

It’s our most precious resource, but we don’t often respect it as such.

We fritter it away as if it’s worth nothing – seemingly unaware of it’s power and value.

There are so many activities and distractions which appear free, but for the time they require.

What we don’t realise, is that time is the primary investment we’re making, in anything. Money comes and goes, but time only goes. There is no way of getting more when we’re running low.

Perhaps this is what makes it difficult. We can never really know how much time we have, so we’re unable to properly value it.

According to the Death Clock, I have about 18 000 days left to run, but even if that’s true, it’s not an easy number to work with. It’s hard to know how to use that information to make better decisions.

We always have trouble valuing things we can’t see, or touch, or roll around in our hands. I’m sure God (if she exists) would agree.

And I’m not saying that we should hoard our time, or be miserly with it when it comes to others, but we should spent it deliberately and wisely.

We should guard against the mass of minutes we give away mindlessly to the activities and pursuits which make life better for nobody. Not ourselves, not our friends, not the strangers around us.

Now that you’ve read this – great. But what’s the next, best use or your precious time?

I’d like to say it’s reading another one of my posts, but that’s complete bullshit. There’s undoubtably someone important to you who doesn’t know how much you care about them.

Why not make telling them, a conscious, deliberate, use of your precious time?