The battle you need to fight


The future will be made by those who are willing to fight long, hard, uphill battles, for the benefit of others, when there is almost no chance of success.

Even when, individually, most of these battles are likely to be lost, they are the key to our collective success, our happiness and, perhaps, our survival.

Our success, because they stretch us to be better.

Our happiness, because service to others brings purpose and satisfaction.

Our survival, because without such work we’ll run ourselves into the ground.

The battles are individual, they are personal. We don’t all need to fight on the same fronts, but we each need to find the fight that we’re willing to take on. The thing that we care enough about to do the hard work. To push uphill when most people won’t.

That’s you’re life’s work. That’s your purpose.

To fight a battle which no one else will. To find the impossible task that you care enough about to find the way through where others have fallen by the wayside.

To push against overwhelming odds because you believe in the value of the potential upside.

We’ve all got at least one, uphill, nigh-on-impossible, protracted and probably-hopeless battle in us.

Your first job is to find it find your battleground.

Your second job is to start fighting.