The magic of right now


Our experience of life, only exists in a very narrow slice of time.

All that exists is now. Right now.

We have no access to the past, and the future is a cheque we can’t cash.

And given that we only live now, you’d think that we would pay greater attention to what’s going on here.

But we don’t.

We abstract ourselves from our experience of now. Without even noticing, we let life happen “to us”, while we’re caught up reliving the past or plotting for the future.

There is so much that we miss, because we’re living in the parts of our life which don’t exist. We miss the little signs – in our bodies, in our environment, in our interactions with other people. These signs all tell us about what is actually happening, but we don’t see them because we’re distracted by what has happened, or what might happen.

Put your phone down. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and listen to what’s actually happening. Experience a few moments of the present.

The past will wait for you, and the future will or won’t come anyway.

I promise.

One thought on “The magic of right now”

  1. Wow! Love it Kent. Would love to pass this to Laura but no good at this stuff! Love to you, Charly and your lovely family. XX

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