Why we never start from scratch

A tiny green plant growing up between paving stones

We often have to scrap what we’re doing and start again.

Maybe we messed up a step, or misunderstood; maybe we just got pulled away and the opportunity spoiled.

Whatever the cause, when we have to start again, it’s can feel discouraging, because we can feel like we’re starting from scratch, zero, nothing.

But we’re never starting from scratch.

We’re always bringing our full experience, history and skill to what we do, and these are always growing.

Even if we have to got back to the first step, we’re not starting with nothing.

There’s a richness of experience we have now which will guide the process and shape our next attempt.

It’s a new experience the second, third or one hundredth time, because we are not the same.

We might go back to the start, but we’re never starting from nothing.