Want change? Change something

a street sign which says "change"

We often want thing to be different to how they are.

It’s fine balance, this desire.

On one hand it’s the source of most of our unhappiness, on the other it’s the main reason anything gets done.

But in order for things to be different, we need to do something different. We can’t sit around and expect change to happen around us with no input from ourselves.

In 1936, psychologist Kurt Lewin suggested that human behaviour is a function of a both the person and their environment: B = ƒ (P, E)

In simple terms, if you want a different behaviour, then you have to change either the person or the environment.

We often think that we can get a different outcome with desire alone. We often underestimate the inertia that all our prior decisions have. We underestimate how hard it can be to fight our own habits without doing something different.

In short: if you want change, change something.

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