Smoke a mental cigarette

Smoke by Centophobia

There’s a big difference between being focussed and mindful of the here and now and being caught up in the drama of your current situation. I should know – the latter is almost my holiday house.

When you’re flustered and panicked and feel cornered by the situation, go outside for 5 minutes and take a mental cigarette.

Look around at all the things which are going on without you, oblivious to you and your current plight.

You’re not looking to feel the indifference of the world, but its broader perspective. Breathe that perspective deep into your lungs. It’ll make you cough, but that’s just your me-centric view of the world making an dramatic exit from your body.

Count to ten, go back inside, and then tackle the shit out of your tricky task. But this time, tackle it with a lungful of fresh perspective.

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