Calm is a superpower

A jetty over calm water in the Lakes District

Calm is often underrated, or overlooked entirely, but the ability to remain steady and focussed under fire is one of the most valuable qualities anyone of us can develop. Period.

The stoics called it equanimity and valued it so highly that it was a cornerstone of their entire philosophy.

In fact, you’ll find it difficult to name a major religion or belief system which doesn’t put equanimity and calm close to its centre (it’s just a shame they don’t seem to make better use of it).

Calm a superpower because it’s the best antidote to anxiety, and anxiety is a contagious, corrosive, cancer which can runs through groups like a wildfire.

But calm stops anxiety dead in its tracks.

Calm helps create herd immunity from anxiety and panic, it helps group and individuals remain resilient.

Calm is a powerful and generous gift in almost any situation, and best of all – it’s perpetually available to all of us, free of charge.

“Calm is a superpower” is a phrase I have shamelessly borrowed from Brené Brown.

One thought on “Calm is a superpower”

  1. Don’t know where I heard or seen it first but the words calm is the next superpower appeared in my head some months back . I’ve had some real twilight moments happen to me , like a nurse at the doctors office go completely insane and start yelling at me for no good reason , only to haveca,warm hand appear to be on my shoulder keeping me calm the whole time or being at a store inline and hsve the cashier say are you next inline and have all 7 people ahead of me turn around a stare at me ..I was a cab driver in Modesto ca once and I really enjoyed my job , one of the reasons is because I liked to drive . One day I stop at a trucking company to pick up a driver headed to the train station, he was 6 Fran about 250lb , he jumped in the back seat an we were off to his destination, it took about 20 minutes to fet there an along the way we talked , but the weird part is when we got to the station he got out an it was a completely different guy from the guy I picked up , this guy was 5’7 an 170lbs and looked Arab instead of the white guy I picked up at first . The strange thing was though he got out and was looking back at me the whole time as to say are you seeing this..I remained calm but it was disturbing and hard to think some people have strange or supernatural things happen to them more than others..? Anyways I noticed that each time I had,a strange moment happen I would remain calm where most people would freak out..don’t know why I’m writing this but I just wanted someone to know they are not alone if stuff like this has ever happened to you..something is going on but I think only the good lord knows why..stay calm signed RICK RIPLEY

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