Consistency: friend or foe?

Tile Pattern by Lauren Manning

I haven’t yet figured out if consistency is my friend or foe.

There are so many areas where consistency is a huge benefit:

  • In your work – it makes you reliable
  • In your personality – it makes you easier for people to interact with
  • In your team – it allows to a safe and relaxed group dynamic to emerge

But there is something that niggles in the back of my mind which suggests that consistency somehow aligns with a requirement for safety. Which says that consistency’s insistence on a spec or standard doesn’t leave much room for the incredible.

It might be that permission to be inconsistent is required to stretch enough, and risk enough failure to achieve something amazing.

There seem to be compelling arguments both way, maybe I just haven’t done the work to have an opinion on where the greatest weight is.

What are your thoughts? Do the pros of consistency outweigh the cons for you?

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