Breaking the back of big tasks

Pizza Slice by Jenn Durfey

Every big job has a back you can break – a point at which you can apply attention and effort to make it manageable and enable big gains.

The trick is to find it early enough. To be oriented in the right way to see it.

If you’re stuck and not making headway, you’re probably applying your effort to the wrong point.

This doesn’t mean give up, it means re-orient.

Think of your task as a pizza.

You can make a pizza into equal parts by slicing it into thin discs or cutting it into slices.

Both will give you pieces of equal size, but one is a lot easier (without a weapons-grade laser).

This is orientation.

Think of your task as a car.

You can put the jack on the roof, of under the rim near the wheel arch.

Both will allow you to raise the jack, but only one will result in you raising the car.

This is applying the effort.

Now stop thinking about your task and go break its back.

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