Doing more with whatever is available

Lime - Squeezed

What do you do with a little chunk of time?

Try to get the big thing done, or find something which will easily fit in?

The problem with fitting things easily into the time available, is that it relies on always having more time available than you need for any given task.

And life just doesn’t work like that.

If you only write when you have the time to write a good piece, you’ll never write at all.

Effort is like a gas (or video games) it will expand to will expand to fill the available space.

Sometimes you have to jam a big task into a small amount of time. To compress the work and force the mechanisms to put more into the system.

To overclock the computer.

To sprint.

Look at the list and don’t find the task which fits the slot with a need buffer.

Go 80/20 on a big task and get as much of it at you can into the tiny space.

When you do more than you think you could in a shorter space of time, you’ve just managed to supercharge the one thing you can’t get any more of.

At least once a day, don’t find the easy task which will fit. Don’t skip the valuable thing, because you don’t have the time. At least once a day, try to break the laws of physics and get something done in less time that it should take.

At least once a day, try to compress. Overclock. Sprint.

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