The long hill

black and white photo of a long road up a hill

Sometimes, it feels like everything is uphill.

Each step is taking more effort that it should and the top is nowhere in sight. It’s not a good day for walking.

Of course it’s sometimes like this. It’s the way things are.

Not forever, but right now.

It’s the way you’re oriented with respect to the environment.

Not so much that you’re on a hill, but mostly in the way you feel about the hill.

The question really is, will you keep walking? Will you take those effortful steps and gain some altitude, even when you can’t see the top?

Especially when you can’t see the top?

They might be shorter, slower steps, but they still have value.

In fact, they have more value, if you like the view from the hill.

More value if the hill stops other people from walking.

More value if you use these short ones to build the momentum to take big ones later.

Each day you don’t feel like taking a step, they’re worth twice as much.

Keep walking.

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