French ghosts

Eiffel up

Today I’m in Paris for work.

Instead of using my early morning time to write, I used it to go for a run around the Eiffel Tower. I hope you understand 😉

Oddly enough, I had expected the tower to be brimming with Police or security guards in the wake of what’s been happening in Paris and Brussels. That’s certainly the knee jerk response we’d expect in the UK.

But at 05.45 in the morning, you know who was at the Eiffel Tower? Nobody. Not a soul.

Not a single cleaner, not a single security guard, not a single police.

I walked right underneath it, took a photo from the bottom, straight up the middle and nobody said anything.

It was a wonderful feeling.

It felt like Paris just didn’t want to contribute to the bullshit and said “You know what, it’s a big building, it will be ok on it’s own.”

I really dug that.