Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

  • NECROMONICOX – "dildos shaped like Cthulhu and other elder horrors from the other dimension". (via @BoingBoing) #
  • Can't believe geeks didn't realise an ion cannon can clear Imperials for a second but it won't stop them storming your base. #wikileaks #ESB #
  • If you're coming to the comedy gig @ the Showcase Cinemas in Coventry tonight, please don't take cocaine before the show this time. Thanks. #
  • Just got hassled out at Luton immigration. I think it was an #Ashes thing. #
  • Yesterday it was 17 degrees in Zagreb; today, this: #
  • Taking an early flight, on a budget, Hungarian to do gigs in Croatia at as-yet-undisclosed location. Feel like I'm on a 90s mystery flight. #
  • Assange's OpEd piece written for the Australian Cop that Gillard! #
  • Assange arrested after 2 Swedish women report that his cable leaked. #
  • Ricky Ponting can't concentrate on the cricket because Sweden are trying to extradite him on sexual molestation charges. #CrickiLeaks #
  • Yeah. Sure. RT @zdnetaustralia Assange investigations are not political, Rudd says. #
  • BREAKING NEWS: Chewbacca doesn't have a license to fly the Millennium Falcon #WookieLeaks #
  • .@danilic Are we mean to believe Assange pissed off the world's most powerful gov'ments & decided to celebrate with a Swedish raping spree? #
  • .@beggyg @hennakhan5 Inconsistent bowling, poor batting, terrible fielding and a captain that looks like a monkey. #

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