Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

  • I'll be doing a live cricket commentary of NZ vs. India in 20mins. Tune in at #
  • Tonight I will be at the Comberton Leisure Centre outside Cambridge telling jokes about sex, maths and Eric Clapton. You should fully come! #
  • 30 seconds of thoughts on why I don't want to play games with motion controllers. I'm look at you KINECT! #
  • 30 seconds of thoughts on nostalgia & Scott Pilgrim #
  • Taking @FloValentine to a free, toddlers singing session at the local library #ThugLife #
  • Why I love sci-fi games: #
  • Either it just got foggy, real quick or Chris Carter is shooting a new series of the X-Files on my street. #
  • I just played on #xboxlive against someone called R3p3ctPALIN. Thinking redressing the balance by changing my xbox handle to 5ubmit20b4ma. #
  • Sometimes when I say "I'm off to drain the main vein", I'm actually going to give blood. Like now. #
  • Dickhead Kent's freezer carnage #

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