Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Just locked self, fiancée & baby out of flat & car. Bad news: spare keys 3 hrs away. Good news: we were going to a picnic & have sandwiches. #
  • Passed a church with 2 preachers, but only 1 in audience. Doesn't God know if performers > crowd, you have to pull the gig? #
  • The difference between a Tesco Express & a regular Tesco is cauliflower. Cauliflower is not an express vegetable. #
  • Lando Calrissian – Blackstar Warrior. The hippest cat in the galaxy. Sho' nuff. #
  • Stand-Up Comedy + Live Musical Soundtrack = GLITTER & DOOM. Kick-off, Sept 1 @ 8pm, London. Join our Facebook group! #
  • Anyone know how long we have to wait for some resolution with #Sherlock #
  • Dar(k)/(th) Raven (via @Threadless) #
  • Door-knocking Jehovah's Witnesses just woke a sleeping @FloValentine. Fuck you God! #
  • Awesome! Woman quits job with dry erase board. (via @LaughingSquid) #
  • You may /think/ #RedDeadRedemption is better than #MassEffect2 but you'd be wrong. #FuckingCougarsArePissingMeOff #
  • A good comedy gig LOOKS like a hostage situation but a bad comedy gig FEELS like a hostage situation. #
  • Once you see a photo of a pig's penis, you'll never eat fusilli again. #
  • The jaw bone's connected to the mouth hole, the mouth hole's connected to the anus… damn, I knew I shouldn't watch Human Centipede. #
  • Modern games de-made for old consoles.–2 #
  • It's raining in Leicester. It looks like God is trying to rinse off the blight of teen pregnancy. #
  • Father & Daughter or Why I don't eat GM foods anymore. #
  • Passport Photos: What a fucking rip-off. Cheaper to get a 16th Century artisan to etch my portrait in gold leaf. #
  • Never mosh with rollergirls #LifeLessonsItsTakenMe32YearsToLearn #
  • #Warehouse13 ep 1&2 were kooky & fun like camp, early X-Files. Anyone know if it goes the distance? #

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