Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • Westboro Baptist Church vs. SDCC. Never take on cosplay nerds if all you have on your side is an angry, homophobic god. #
  • Excellent 8-bit cover of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game by Sadnes #
  • A litre: Mid 20th C novel about a man's inappropriate relationship with an undersized milk carton. #RacyNovelsInMetric #
  • Hey #Optus Making me pay $30 every 6 months for the privilege of you NOT deleting my number, sucks balls. #
  • Steampunk & tabletop RPG? Yummy double-nerd sandwich! RT @BoingBoing: Free, CC licensed Steampunk RPG: Lady Blackbird #
  • True dat RT @tomkelshaw: ProTip: Daft Punk fans drooling over Tron – DON'T watch Irreversible just because Bangalter did the soundtrack. #
  • Fucking cougars! #RedDeadRedemption #
  • Hey #Apple 4 weeks to fix my Macbook Pro which is under warranty? This sucks the big one. #
  • If you have 2 mobile phones & track pants I will assume you're a drug dealer. Also have a bum-bag? I'm already calling the cops. #
  • People with tattoos, permanent tattoos, of Tweety Bird are NOT to be trusted. #
  • This is the face of central London on a Friday night #
  • 6 hour coach to Huddersfield make almost tolerable by an inflatable neck pillow & 2 Tarkovsky sci-fis. Rock. #
  • Stalker 1 – Laptop Battery 0 #
  • If you're on a 6 hour coach ride back to London & want a seat to yourself, just start watching Taxidermia on your laptop. #
  • …but be aware that the last 5 mins of Taxidermia will make you want to throw up on said crowded coach. #

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