Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Alan Wake haiku-review:
    Sounds like Stephen King
    Written by a 4 year old.
    Yawn, boring story. #
  • Don't buy an HDMI cable for your xbox if it doesn't have an HDMI output. You'll just feel like a real dick when you realise what you've done #
  • Julian Assange @ TED on "Why the world needs WikiLeaks" #
  • Just saw Paul Greengrass at BBC television centre. His hands weren't shaking so his shooting style must be an artistic choice. #
  • Squirrel on a Stick #5 is now available for download in two flavours – Regular ( ) & iTunes ( #
  • RT @Wil_Anderson: Thanks @JessamyJane for this excellent Old Spice parody at the library: #oldspice #
  • If you lose a glove, it's gone forever (via @huffingtonpost) #
  • Drop what you're doing & read the excellent Washington Post project Top Secret America #
  • Yeps, but it's GIANT. I'm trying to find a text-only version now. #
  • If you live in/around Buxton and you want to hear a cracking story about your pet shop, come to underground venues @ old hall hotel. #
  • The face of the Monkey-Mermaid-Fish at Buxton museum & art gallery. #
  • Holy shitting-Christ, Buxton! #
  • RT @marszau: what is better than one slave Leia? #
  • The 1st time you see a spinning top after watching #Inception it will freak you out. I fell backwards into a bath & now have a concussion. #

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