Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

  • The new Squirrel on a Stick is in the can and hits the interwebs in 10 hours. W00t! #
  • Episode 4 of #SquirrelOnAStick with myself & @JimSmallman is now online for your listening pleasure #
  • RT @GammaCounter: Tetris & more, with tea lights. Not even 8 bit: via @kylevanblerk #
  • .@FloValentine's nappies are like the world's worst advent calendars. #
  • Thanks to relevant folks for lovely Birthday messages. I <3 you muchly #
  • RT @simonfeilder: Trust them. RT g4tv: The coolest thing you will see all day. Trust us: #
  • Holy Shitballs. Million-dollar strong. #
  • Oh shit: #
  • She's more prolific than I am! RT @FloValentine: I just wrote it, you should read it. It's about politics. #
  • StarWars recreation on a subway train #
  • 5.50am is @FloValentine's new time for the "Call to Milk" & she's a hardcore fundamental so it's always observed -with violence if required #
  • Can anyone recommend a place in London to buy sweet mod-ish suit that won't require me to sell @FloValentine? #
  • Justifying her 5.50am wake-up RT @FloValentine Until I have accepted your constructed notion of time, don't expect me to play by its rules #
  • My motorway, service station breaks are based purely on the locations of Dyson Airblades. #
  • I drove to tonight's gig in Bristol so I could drive back & not lose Saturday, but have had so much redbull that tomorrow is now gone anyway #
  • If you're going to Edinburgh this year, see John Robbins' show. I just saw a preview in Bristol & it was grand. #
  • If Australia's resources are so precious, then surely we should change #Ausvotes to #ozvotes and save some tweeting characters. #
  • The Defamation of Strickland Banks by Plan B is fantastic. Welcome to hell. #

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