Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Mysterious trailer for new J.J. Abrams monster/alien/let'sfacethefactthatitwillkillus movie "Super 8" #
  • But this is the one that we're really waiting for. #
  • Cooking is edible chemistry. #
  • I agree with @ThisisDavid; this is lovely! #
  • I've been reading "The Girl With the Dolphin Tattoo" which is just a study of teenage pregnancy. #
  • About to head up to west Yorkshire for the second weekend in a row. Lucky I don't believe in god or I'd think I was being punished. #
  • When my computer inexplicably stalls in the middle of something important, I pretend it's just gone to the toilet. I get less angry that way #
  • It's not a good sign when your hotel lobby is obviously the office of many local prostitutes. Ahhh #Leeds #
  • Hey world-at-large, can anyone recommend a good place for breakfast & coffee in #Leeds #
  • The water from the tap in my #Leeds hotel smells like Mordor. #

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