Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • Hey Australia, don't make the coffee so expensive that we have to sell kidneys to buy it – we need kidneys to drink it. #
  • Volcanic wrath threatening to keep us in Australia. Mother nature lays brutal, primal smackdown when she's pissed. Is this about earth hour? #
  • Pilots hate it when you call it the "pit of cocks". #
  • RT @ebertchicago: This Mother's Day, remember Mom with fresh spring flowers in a nice little vase. #
  • Man who punched me in Bristol was ordered by court to pay 100 pounds. Weirdly enough, that's the same pressure / square inch he hit me with. #
  • Jet Lag has arrived and it's taken the form of a 4am session of "Flight Control". #
  • I hate it when Flo RTs my stuff: RT @FloValentine: RT @tomkelshaw: Amazing key/lock design. So simple, so smart: #
  • Google Chrome speed tests: I want to see Chrome vs. the speed of rumour. #

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