Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • Can't they at least make the world's most counterfeited bill sexy? RT @zefrank: – the new $100 – now with extra ugly! #
  • RT @clivepugh: Uzbekistan Airways has my favourite airline slogan ever. #
  • Fan in my laptop is broken. My computer sounds as if it's about to take off. TAKE ME WITH YOU! #
  • Some people hate liquorice, but I love food with consequences. #
  • This week's episode of LOST seems to be lost. What the hell is going on? I hope this isn't the big finale. #
  • New government legislation to de-brand cigarette packages just makes it look like ultra-cool minimalists have taken over ciggie box design. #
  • Dear tough audience, I wasn't the comedian you wanted & you weren't the crowd I was after. I tried, but you wallowed & we both lost. Happy? #
  • MIA – Born Free film clip I'm not a massive fan of the song or the clip, but it's certainly cause a kerfuffle. #
  • Ed Brubaker's INCOGNITO is making the jump to the big screen I don't think the film will add anything – hope I'm wrong #
  • .@TimMinchin's wonderful mother-fucking pope song #
  • FUCK, the future is coming (via the 1990s)! #
  • Sydney, you've been great, but it's time to go. See you next time. #

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