Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • Nothing like a post-comedy festival gangland killing. #
  • Just fucked up my own phone number 3 times whilst leaving voicemail. I don't think I'm getting a callback. #
  • Nothing like an 11hr drive to disrupt your blood:caffeine harmony. If I wasn't vibrating so violently, I'd think a rest was in order. #
  • The 1 & only Sydney performance of my 2010 show Fablemonger is TONIGHT @ The Friend in Hand, Glebe. Tix $10 on the door. #
  • Punter: Do you have any abo jokes? Me: No. P: Do you want some? M: No. P: What?! Are you too good for them or something? #ISmellARoughGig #

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