Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • LESS TALK, MORE ROCK: The native language of video games is neither spoken nor written by Superbrothers #
  • I should just face facts: No amount of rolling up my jeans into 3/4 capri-like pants is going to make me look like Audrey Hepburn #
  • RT @JustinHamilt0n Another show that is worth checking out because he always puts on a ripper: @KentValentine! #
  • Just saw a girl in a car with the plates WOG-CHK & had to check that I wasn't driving a Delorian at 88mph. Well done Melbourne. #
  • Watching TRON with fiancee. Rule 85: Never marry someone until they've shown they can sit through esoteric 80s sci-fi. #
  • Stayed out late to watch comedy. Saw no comedy. Glad Wil got nominated. Time for bed. #MICF #

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