Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Bondi Junction is a lovely place full of wonderful people selling great products at reasonable prices</irony> #
  • A farmer's adopted son & his Dad's teacher team up with a ship's Captain & an 8 foot carpet to rescue a princess & fight the power #TWINEMA #
  • Young white cop & old black cop team up to solve sinful crimes, one of which is a head in a box. Chris Martin hated that last bit. #TWINEMA #
  • New kid in town gets pounded by bullies over a girl. Meets old man, does chores, catches fly, SWEEP THE LEG, crane, gets girl #TWINEMA #
  • Confusing event, jump back in time, tattoo, confusing event, back in time, confusing event, jump in time,murder,revelation-MEMENTO #TWINEMA #
  • Jesus gets the shit beaten out of him & crucified while his mates watch but don't help. #TWINEMA #
  • I'm doing a FREE preview of my new solo show this Sunday 6pm @ The Friend in Hand Pub. 58 Cowper St Glebe. 2008 Dave Jory is doing his too! #

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