Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • Hey brisbane, let's make a deal: You dial down the humidity a bit & I won't tell people just how racist you can be. #
  • Holy Awesome 1 of 3 – via @wilw #
  • Holy awesome 2 of 3 – via @thisisdavid #
  • Holy Awesome 3 of 3 – via @laughingsquid #
  • Saw QLD premier Anna Bligh getting out of her white Bentley which looks like it belongs to a pimp who does weddings. #
  • About to gig in the valley a few doors down from @amandapalmer. Maybe she'll be up for a half time audience swap. #
  • I bought the Mac Heist bundle. 7 Top Mac apps worth $260+ for only $19.95 and got 3 sweet bonus apps free! #
  • There's something about gigging to 12 other comedians and an audience of 4 that makes you feel warm and fuzzy but dirty at the same time. #
  • Saw ROCKY for the 1st time on a plane. Must have been heavily edited. Every 30secs, whatever Rocky said was replaced with "Hey, yo Adrian." #
  • Brisbane makes me constantly want to scream Ben Kingsley's first line Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast. #
  • Brisbane makes me constantly want to scream Ben Kingsley's first line to Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast. #
  • TRON Legacy trailer. Don't bother if it's not your thing, but if that's the case, we can't be friends. #
  • UK centric jokes not firing on all cylinders here. Do they need to be tweaked for all Australia, club audiences or just Brisbane? #
  • Go and see @MelindaButtle's Sista Got Flow in Brisbane (now) or Melb (from Mar 25). My new favourite show-closing routine. #
  • Hey brand-new Brisbane cinema, no one is interested in seeing Alice in Wonderland in 2D. Are you also showing Avatar in black & white? #
  • The nearby rugby league game stole all the cunts from tonight's audience. Who said sport's not good for something? #
  • Bummed I'm going to miss the opening of #ManaBar in Brisbane. The booze & video game combo remains a paradise limited to my own lounge room. #
  • Rewatched The Prestige. Fav thing about C Nolan films: as the time remaining in the film approaches 0, so does my comprehension of the plot #
  • Stopped last night's set as a table of drunk Kiwis were thrown out by an NZ bouncer who just kept repeating "I'm ashamed of you guys". #
  • Rewriting show after Brizbane had its way with it. Feels like I'm stitching up a dress that was torn by 5 league players in a toilet cubicle #

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