Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • Excited about today's haircut after seeing owner standing in empty salon, in cowboy stance, staring into mirror & blow drying his own hair. #
  • New haircut looks like bastard son of @thisisdavid, Tony Law & the 1950s. #
  • RT @tomkelshaw: I'm Team Lago all the way. If you can't use that Bronze to score chicks at a bar, what good is it? #
  • RT @rexbox: Iphone master @mrfungfung has a trailer up for his new game: Fox Vs Duck: #
  • If you're going to take to the stage with a quiff the size of a small country then either mention it or prepare for awkwardness. #
  • Your wife does herself with non-organic cucumbers #middleclassinsults #
  • Listening to Roxette’s "The Look”. Thumping snare drum being done no justice by laptop that would make Brian Blessed sound like Mike Tyson. #
  • Train delayed to Paddington. Disembodied robot lady voice on PA says she's sorry, but she doesn't have feelings so how can I feel better? #
  • Late night diversions on motorways that are badly sign-posted, suck the big one. I'm looking at you M11. #
  • Hey redbull, you may have gotten me back from Peterborough alive, but now I'm home, exhausted & wired. What now? #

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