Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • Costa now make a Flat White. They're about as difficult to swallow as a Uwe Boll adaptation of anything you love. #
  • Going to Jewish wedding today & have to take own yarmulke. What's the point in being chosen by God if you don't even get a free hat? #
  • Augmented (hyper)Reality: #
  • I'm last-minute MC tonight @ Bright Club, Wilmington Arms, Exmouth Market London. Science meets comedy & they fight to the death. Come along #
  • Strangers who don't approve of me singing the Terminator theme song to @FloValentine as we walk down the street need to get over themselves. #
  • BTW – these are our favourite versions: @FloValentine's @KentValentine's #
  • There's something about the plug hole of our kitchen sink which can turn a scrap of something I'd eat into "Jesus that's disgusting". #
  • Soho: proof that the cultural epicenter of one of the world's largest cities can still be a bit shit. Good coffe though. #
  • Tranny with a 10 inch beard! #SightsOfSoho #

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