Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • Hey Tesco, where the fuck is your spring onion? Oh. I'm sorry, of course it's next to the berries. #
  • Either the on-screen writing in #MassEffect2 is too small for human eyes, or years of video games & self abuse have ruin my sight. #
  • Hot, chivalrous, comedy action tonight feat Wayne Deakin, Jonathan Elston, Alison Bice and Max&ivan @E16JE Only £5 #
  • Ramen & children first – After last week’s Rame-geddon I decided to have another shot at the title making… #
  • I always prefered Dolly's follow-up single about supporting oppressive government & big business: "Stand By THE Man". #
  • LOST is 96.7% downloaded. Giddy-up! #
  • Want to see Fablemonger in Melbourne? Here's where the ticket buying happens: #
  • Oh dear, I've just spilled porridge on myself, but that's not what it looks like. #
  • Existential Vomit – I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with my daughter Florence, but every time she… #
  • Seems to be "Drive Like a Fucktard" night on the M4 & A406. #
  • What good can come of a day that starts with a muffin, filled with lemon custard? #
  • About to do the world premiere of Fablemonger at #LeicesterComFest These 15 people have no idea what they're in for and neither do I. #

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